How to Stop Watching Porn – A Men’s Guide

Men like watching porn due to some reason or the other, but how to stop watching porn when their reason to watch porn becomes their addiction? Men need to have control on themselves in order to reduce their addiction towards porn, and lead a normal life.

How to stop watching porn has always been a serious question for men who are addicted to watching porn. For some men, it is a form of entertainment which has turned out into addiction over time and for some, it is just a necessity to wipe out the boredom and loneliness in their life. No matter, what aspect of porn a man is exposed to, it still can leave a huge impact on the thinking as well as the life of a man. Dealing with controlling yourself towards porn is not easy, but you can try and succeed.

Here we discuss the things that you can do to stop watching porn:

Reduce the time: If you are a porn addict, then you would surely realize the time you spend on watching porn. Though porn may seem interesting to you, you should reduce the time you spend watching porn and finish yourself early.

Limit yourself: If you want to stop watching porn all of a sudden, it may be very difficult. You should start off by limiting yourself to few videos so that you can gradually cut down to time you spend watching porn.

Take the help of your girlfriend: Your girlfriend can play an important part in reducing your addiction towards porn in a healthy way. Spend more time with her and try to divert your interest towards porn to her.

Stay busy: One of the best answers on how to stop watching porn lies with you. Try not to be idle and keep yourself busy to stay away from porn. Idling around may force you towards porn.

Distraction: Whenever you feel to watch porn, try to do activities which need your attention. In this way, you will be able to control yourself from watching porn.

Play your favourite video games: Men like playing games, and sure is a good way to stay away from porn. By playing games, you are actually involving yourself in that activity and reducing the distraction and inconvenience caused due to your porn addiction.

Watch porn with your partner: You can try watching porn with your partner. In this way, you can you and your partner can work together to fight your porn addiction.

Freedom From Addiction

There are several ways than can help you on how to stop watching porn, but most of them depend on your inner strength to let go of porn. Porn is just an obsession and you should never fall for it.

How to Quit Porn – Keeping Relationships Intact with a Long Term View

Summary: Breaking any addiction is a tough challenge.  This kind of addiction can happen to any one for any number of reasons.  For people truly interested in getting their lives back in order, there are centers offering programs with guidelines on how to quit porn.

Pornography is a big business and all about money.  One very vital factor that makes us who we are is our idea of who we are as sexual beings.  The porn culture sells sex with the message that sex and intimacy are one and the same.  It encourages sex with complete strangers and is entirely about satisfaction.  With this shallow perspective, it is no small wonder that relationships which should be built on commitment and trust are hijacked by the notion that it is all about sex.  Nothing good can come out of this for the long term and people on realizing this, starting thinking on how to quit porn.

To be able to quit porn, people have to come to grips with some important facts.  Recognize the lies for what they are:  Pornography is all about selling lies – present attractive packaging to hold the audience captive.  Women are used in advertisements to sell high end items like luxury cars and bikes.  Beauty pageants and calendars are also used to promote beauty and sex.

These are some of the underpinnings of pornography and its no small wonder that people who are vulnerable, buy into this line of thinking.  It becomes very important then to make them aware and think of how to quit porn and to answer basic questions like:

  • Am I addicted?
  • How is it affecting my life?
  • What types of ideas are put into my head?
  • What is so compelling about porn?
  • What can I do to get out of this problem?
  • What relationships are important to me?
  • How can I get my finances back in order?


Once there is this realization, then getting psychological help from professionals and with family support, quitting and beating the addiction is a long, hard road.  The first step is to stop using the internet for a while to avoid the temptation to surf websites.  Surround yourself with friends and family who will provide the necessary encouragement and distraction.  Besides, there are several rehab centers around the country which can help with different programs on how to quit porn.  Fortunately, this addiction is the one of the easiest to get over – there are no drugs or alcohol involved – behavior modification with support can definitely help one to get over the habit permanently. People who have been through addictions and get help, eventually come out with a better self image and a healthy attitude to life.

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How to Stop Watching Porn – A Men’s Guide — 28 Comments

  1. Hey. I am Steven and I am 21. I have been struggling with trying to quit watching porn for a long time. I keep struggling because I quit watching it and then I get back on that addiction. It gets on my neveres to say to others to you shouldn’t be watching this stuff when I cannot do it myself. Even my girlfriend does not even know that I watch it and if she finds out, I could lose her and that is the last thing I want to happen.

    • Hey man I was in the same boat. I found myself watching and masturbating sometimes 2 times a night instead of having regular sex. I, however, came up with a solution 14 months ago. Here it is…do it gradually over 3 months time.I know it sounds simple but over the last 3 months I gradually reduced porn time and now it’s down to 0.
      week 1- 1 hour
      week 2,3,4 – 45 min
      week 5,6,7 – 30 mins
      week 8,9 – 20 mins
      week 10 – 15 mins
      week 11 -10 mins
      week 12 – 5 mins
      week 13 -0 mins
      ( Note:the time is per day, if you miss one day you CANNOT make it for it.)
      I took a note book and set up each week, so there were 13 pages = 13 weeks, each with a time limit. As the week ended I tore off the page and discarded it. The only thing I would now see is the next goal(time allowed)

      Now my girl and I spend tons of time together and have lots of sex.
      And I no longer have the urge to masturbate or watch porn, even if I see a movie scene that turns me on,I just laugh and know it’s not real I have seen and done the real thing. I guarantee if you channel this sexual desire into time with your girl will be smiling all the time.

      If you need more details feel free to email me. Rob.

      • Bro’”its not real” these words r too good.I beliv in auditory self explaining n repeating the auditory explaination lots n lots times in different n similar ways.Will i b successfull.tnx.

  2. thnx for the informative tip and i have been trying for a few months how to quit watching this kind of vedios and i also understood that i had waste a lot of my time & will do it becuse i just want to stop seeing this kind of vedioz


    • g moderation.

      Tell me sure – Repeat ur prayrs as u pray in church.Repeatition with explainations of hurt should b few n advantages should b max to make u proud being son of god.Go on max reasons of reward more than negativ fear part of it.This prayrs self good reasons should b heavily repeated max of times diff n same ways alwys continually ever n ever each time feeling a success growth rate small or big.Dont worry abt how many u loose concentrate on how many times u won to lessen it n slowly easily u become a successful out of porn n still njoy sex in masterbation on bed wit ur wife equally stronger way as i said to do to control urself u can make urself excited without porn with mere prayrs n self explaination repeatitions.God bless u winner.

  4. I’m 18 and I’ve started watch porn since I was 15.Since that,I’ve been addicted to watch porn. I just can’t stop bacause sometimes I’m not being honest to myself on stop watching porn.I will try to stop watching it.Wish me luck!!!

  5. every time I whach porn I think it’s the best thing ever but then I jizz and I’m like what have I done it hits me hard and then I feal so bad and look stuff like how to stop and stuff and then it. all wares off and then it repeates it’s hard to stop

  6. I’m also a Christian but I havefallen into sin I am not proud of it but I am will in school a public school I have learned that people’s personality develops with who they r around and some of my friends can be perverts and I am develeping my personality around that then I started looking up transformers in the images just so I could c Megan fox then looked her up and quite a while later I was watching porn I am no proud of it I feal like I’m dising god and he doesn’t deserve that but I watch it and then I think wow this is the best thing ever then I jizzzz and my mind comes back and I realize what I have done and its nothing to b proud of but I pray after and ask for forgiveness and then go back to school then it all fades away and I end up watching It again

  7. My situation is exactly the same as many of the above guys. Many a times, I decided to quit watching porn did all the deletion of vids from my phone and pc. But as soon as I come across any sexually explicit material (mostly outside home) like in the metro train,road,etc I just cant wait to go back home and start surfing for porn or even in TV.This has happend to me so many times. I am 20 years old and I started watching porn some 6 years back.Then it was once in a week kind of thing. But now I have become addicted to it. It is having a very bad impact on my life as it has changed my priorities and the situation now seems that I can’t live without it. That’s why I feel it has deteriorated my psyche severely.I regard myself as a pervert and that is the most disgusting feeling.I hope I can somehow get rid of this ADDICTION!!!!

  8. I just want it to stop… I’ve lost so much. I feel so back slidden and disgusted. I say I’m a christian but this one habit has crushed my confidence. And I’ve allowed it. Please listen to me…. don’t let this one thing take you like it has me. It will leave you empty and alone. Give yourself wholeheartedly to something more productive. Before you come to the Hell I’ve lived out over the past 20 years with this recurring addiction. A constant on guard. I don’t know what else I can do. Please change your direction before its too late for yourself. Use God. Your closest male relationships. Your spouse if your relationship is strong enough. If left rampant this addiction will take you farther than you’ll want to go. And the price is greater than you can afford. I pray no one has to suffer as I have and do. God give us all the stregnth to destroy this thing. Just sayin.

  9. I am at the same problem like your guys for many years. sometime I put bible infront of my computer for not watching porn or not visit any porn site most the time I could control myself,you should try in this way if you like.
    (do you have any idea for me for not watching porn, thank you.)

  10. today I signed up with new email to encourage myself I hope it works, I will be happy if you drop me a line, you don’t have to tell me your name or any information about yourself if you wish. i talked to two differen doctors about masturbation because i had very bad stomach pain, the first doctor told me you have to stop what you doing and the second doctor gave a medication for stomach pain. I told them that I am watching porn and i can’t stop my stupid addiction. (let me know if you have any idea)thanks

  11. Very helpful info. I really truly need help to stop watching Porn. It really has had a negative affect on my sex life. And i get laid on a regular basis. Whenever i’m with an actual woman i have trouble keeping an erection and i know it’s due to watching vids and whacking off to much. Any other info or sites you guys have that can help would be greatly appreciated. And fellas good luck with your road to stop watching porn.

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